Man involved in hiding murder victim tried to commit suicide

A LOCKYER Valley man tried to end his own life after helping on old prison mate "unceremoniously" dump the body of a family man he had bashed to death.

Michael Lawrence Patrick Ambrose, 60, disappeared into the bush behind his home, near Atkinsons Dam, after he helped Jamie Rex Teichmann crudely shove Michael Desmond Manson into the back of his utility on the Coominya Connection Rd in the early hours of December 9, 2010.

The father of three, and grandfather of three, had written a suicide note, cut himself and planned to "knock himself".

He was ignoring calls from police until he received an SMS from his daughter urging him to speak to Gatton police and turned himself in a few days later.

Ambrose was sentenced to three years jail, to be released on parole in April next year, when he pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday to accessory after manslaughter.

Teichmann was sentenced to life imprisonment last week after being convicted of murder but Crown prosecutor Glen Cash accepted the lessor manslaughter accessory plea for Ambrose because he was not aware of the "murderous intent" his mate had.

But Justice Peter Applegarth said Ambrose had treated Mr Manson's corpse without dignity.

"You weren't a party to the brutal homicide," he said.

"But you were at the scene of the crime.

"The steps you took to hide the body in the bush were likely to delay detection and likely to help Teichmann escape justice."

Mr Cash said Ambrose initially told police Mr Manson was still alive when he dumped the body but eventually revealed Teichmann had confessed he "killed him" before he became involved.

He said Ambrose told police Teichmann said words like "I punched the crap out of him and kicked the shit out of him; I killed him".

Mr Ambrose drove Mr Manson's ute, with his body in the back and feet hanging out, to a bush track where a horse rider found him two days later.

Mr Cash said Ambrose had previously been jailed for six years for attempted murder when he sought revenge on someone who had injured him, by stabbing him with a screwdriver during a home invasion.

He said Ambrose met Teichmann in jail and they resumed contact in 2010 after Teichmann was released on parole for other violence offences.

Mr Cash said Ambrose had shown regret for his involvement but he helped cover up a murder and his assistance was "substantial".

Defence barrister Dennis Lynch said his client had been a butcher or abattoir worker most of his life but more recently began horse breeding.

He said Ambrose had long suffered problems with alcohol, having drunk most of the day and night before helping Teichmann.

"He hoped the body would be found sooner rather than later," he said.


* Anyone considering suicide should phone Lifeline on 131114. Or phone Suicide Callback Service on 1300 659467.