Finger pointed at friend for armed robbery during drug deal

A ROCKHAMPTON man pointed the finger at his mate in relation to an armed robbery during an alleged drug deal last year.

Willem Anthony Hennessy pleaded not guilty to armed robbery of "his friend" Jessie Fuller during an alleged drug deal in April last year.

In a six-page statement read in the Rockhampton District Court on Tuesday, Hennessy blamed the robbery on another friend, Nathan Joseph McNaney.

He told police he was at Allenstown Shopping Centre when he received a phone call from Fuller asking if he could supply $780 worth of OxyContin tablets and an iPhone 5. He said he called McNaney to arrange the deal and where to meet.

According to Hennessy, McNaney pulled a sawn-off rifle from his pocket when he approached him and Fuller, placing it against Fuller's side. Scared and looking to him for help, Hennessy said he told her to give the money to McNaney.

Hennessy said he apologised to her as he jumped a fence and ran away through people's back yards.

He claimed he hadn't seen either Fuller or McNaney since that day and was eventually arrested in a Brisbane caravan park, taken to Carseldine Police Station and charged.

Although he denied the robbery, he said he initially didn't implicate McNaney as he didn't want to be known as a "dog".

But after a period of time behind bars, he said he knew he needed to get his life back on track and take care of his four children, which prompted him to give a full statement to police.

There was no verdict available last night.