Man rapes blind, intellectually impaired woman

A married man who raped a blind and intellectually impaired woman has been told by the judge that it was her job to "protect the public from you."

Isaiah Nasonah Levi, 61, sexually assaulted and raped the woman on four different occasions over a five week period.

Levi initially tried to blame his brother for the prolonged sexual assaults.

Crown prosecutor Monique Sheppard said the woman had been blind since birth and had an acquired brain injury.

The Townsville District Court heard Levi approached the woman on November 19, 2018, later that day he went to the woman's front door and told her he 'wanted to f--k'.

In response the woman told him that he was crazy and they were strangers.

The court heard Levi then grabbed the woman's wrists and forced her to rub his bare chest with her hands, while saying he was 'big and strong'.

The next day Levi approached the woman in a car park and again said he 'wanted to f--k' before sexually assaulting her, by making her masturbate him.

The court heard the following week Levi entered the woman's home, who was unaware of his presence and sexually assaulted her, by putting his penis in her mouth.

During the last assault, on December 30, Levi entered the woman's home after she had forgotten to lock the door.

He pushed her on the bed and digitally raped her, the court heard.

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In January 2019, the victims support worker asked Levi if he had been the man harassing the woman, but he claimed it had been his brother.

Levi pleaded guilty to seven charges, including three counts of rape after he was arrested on October 19 last year after a lengthy police investigation.

He has spent 399 days in custody.

Levi was on a suspended sentence at the time of the sexual assaults after he was convicted of indecent treatment of a child under 16 in September 2017.

Judge Vicki Loury summarised the woman's victim impact statement and said she was afraid in her own home.

"She speaks of feeling afraid, dominated and overpowered by you. She continues to suffer an impact from your offending," she said.

"She gets scared if she hears a voice that sounds like yours. She is afraid in her own home.

"She felt degraded by your conduct. She suffered from nightmares and she says that she feels degraded, violated and robbed of a fulfilling relationship with her husband.

"Unsurprisingly your offending has had a significant effect and ongoing effect upon her."

Defence barrister Dane Marley said Levi had been married to his wife for 40 years and could not explain his client's brutal behaviour.

"In respect to the circumstance of the offence he does not know why the offending occurred," he said.

Judge Loury told Levi it was her job to "protect the public from you"

"She was a vulnerable woman because she suffers from a disability," she said.

"Of all the places (the woman) was entitled to not only be safe but to feel safe in her own home.

"You violated her in a despicable way."

Levi was sentenced to eight years' jail.

He will be required to serve four years.

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