Garon Richard Bob
Garon Richard Bob

Man screams ‘Just f---ing die!’ at woman while choking her

"Just f… die! Just f….ing die!"

That's what Garon Richard Bob, 41, screamed at a former partner as he choked and punched her into unconsciousness in a drunken rage.

The Rockhampton District Court today heard graphic details about the horrific, prolonged drunken assault where Bob choked and struck his former partner on October 18, 2019 for which he faced one charge each of choking and assault causing occasionally bodily harm.

While taken in the watch house, he kicked an officer racking up another charge for obstructing police officer with an additional common assault charge also seen to.

He pleaded guilty to all counts.

Bob's extensive criminal history submitted to the court by Crown prosecutor Elise Sargent showed a past plagued by drunken violence, often against partners.

"(He is) a mature man with a relevant criminal history," Ms Sargent told the court in her submissions.

"(he) has not addressed his problems with alcohol."

The crown also submitted the facts that Bob had withdrawn from alcohol intervention programs while in custody for the offence along with photos of his victim post-assault.

Barrister Jordan Ahlstrand, on behalf of Bob, told the court of the offender's upbringing where his father would often abuse alcohol and use violence against his mother.

Mr Ahlstrand submitted that Bob was actively involved in the lived of two of his three children from a previous relationship and he wished to reconnect with a third who he hadn't seen since 2015.

Garon Richard Bob
Garon Richard Bob

Bob also had a decent work history in his favour including that he was a qualified painter and held tickets to operate numerous machineries.

Mr Ahlstrand told the court that Bob, while not admitting he was dependent on alcohol, could not control himself on the drink and that in fact he was so drunk when the offending occurred, he could not remember the attack.

"When he does drink, he binges, when he starts, he finds it difficult stop," Mr Ahlstrand said.

While deliberating his sentence, Judge Michael Burnett said described the offence as "appalling" and labelled the offender an "alcoholic" despite his self-denial.

"It was quite a beating you gave this complainant on this occasion - entirely unmanly and completely intolerable in civilised society," he said.

"Despite you not believing you're an alcoholic - in all probability, you are.

"You cannot control your drinking … a drop is too much and a bucket will never be enough."

Judge Burnett sentenced Bob to a total of two years and four months to be suspended on November 9 this year.

As of that date, Bob will face five years' probation in the community and Judge Burnett told the offender to use that time to seek help and guidance top address his drinking problem.