Clarence Crime
Clarence Crime

Man sentenced after 'war between families'

A 20-YEAR-OLD man was sentenced yesterday after a 'war' between two families has led to a violent assault at a service station.

Zac Angus Cameron appeared before Grafton local Court yesterday for an alleged assault that left the victim in hospital with "visible red marks".

Cameron's solicitor told the court a family member "had been found guilty of burning recklessly a baby" which led to a "war between families".

"I have heard reports of running off the road," he said.

He said Cameron worked "actively" to address mental health issues by attending appointments with doctors and at Headspace and had abstained from drugs and alcohol.

"He realised he had a problem before his happened in October," Cameron's solicitor said.

Magistrate Jeff Linden recognised the "inter-family differences" but said the charge was too serious for no conviction.

Mr Linden said the victim was grabbed around the head, neck, and shoulder region at a service station and there was "punching incident" which led to injuries being sustained.

"There were visible red marks and the victim was taken to hospital," he said.

Cameron has been sentenced to a community release order for 18 months with normal conditions. He must attend doctor appointments and take medication as prescribed.