Man shares intimate images of ex, threatens to take his life

A KINGAROY man has been sentenced to nine months' probation after pleading guilty to stalking his former partner and sending intimate images of her without consent.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi told Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday that the defendant was charged between March 1 and 4 this year for two charges of distributing intimate images and unlawful stalking.

"During 2018, the parties entered into a personal relationship and that continued until March this year," Sgt Gangemi said.

"He presents with no criminal history."

The defendant was represented by defence lawyer Jay Rose who presented a mental health report to the court.

The document said her client was suffering from depression and anxiety at the time of the offending, but he was of a sound mind.

Mrs Rose said he was not receiving any income and relied on his parents for financial support.

"My client has self-referred to CTC and Graham House," Mrs Rose said.

"He has commenced programs, in particular Stop the Cycle Behavioural Change Program and currently has a pending referral with a local psychologist."

Magistrate Louisa Pink said she took into account the facts of the matter, including the mental health report, yet said his behaviour during the offences warranted attention.

"Before and after the break-up you threatened suicide and shared an intimate photograph of this person without her consent to others," Ms Pink said.

"You breached her privacy by changing her passwords on a website.

"Then again you contacted her requiring her to talk, otherwise you were going to kill yourself, and then next day telling her you tried to kill yourself by overdosing on antidepressants.

"These are the sort of facts of controlling behaviour in domestic violence relationships that raise the concerns."

The magistrate said she accepted his remorse and acknowledged he was co-operative with the police.

Ms Pink convicted and sentenced the defendant to nine months' probation under the supervision of an authorised corrections officer.

No convictions were recorded.