Man threatens to kill, hits victim with chair

A MAN accused of assaulting a woman who went to defend a friend has been granted bail.

Kody Allen Donoghue, 33, applied for bail in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on May 19.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said the allegations involve Donoghue and the aggrieved both being highly intoxicated.

He said Donoghue attended the address of a friend (victim) of the aggrieved’s three times in five hours with one visit resulting in Donoghue allegedly “picked up a chair, striking the victim in the arm” after she had raised it in self-defence.

Mr Fox said Donoghue was also accused of making threats to kill and punching a window near the front door, causing lacerations to his hand.

He said the case against Donoghue was strong with multiple witnesses.

Mr Fox said Donoghue’s criminal record included a 10 month prison term handed down in the district court in 2018 for assault occasioning bodily harm - a matter involving the assault of a different victim.

Defence lawyer Rowan King said his client served five years of the prison term after being found guilty by a jury.

He said Donoghue had been in a relationship with the victim of this latest incident, but it had since ended. Mr King said Donoghue was the sole carer of his two children and lived outside of Rockhampton.

He said Donoghue would not dispute the wilful damage charge, but was disputing some of the facts of the common assault charge and the breach of a police protection order.

Mr King said Donoghue was subject to a drivers’ licence disqualification until September 2021, hindering his ability to get to Rockhampton where the victim lived.

Donoghue’s matters were adjourned until June 15.