TOO MUCH MULCH: Laurie Watson has been clashing with the Department of Housing over his garden.
TOO MUCH MULCH: Laurie Watson has been clashing with the Department of Housing over his garden. Mike Knott BUN160518GROWER1

Man told his mulch too tall for govt rules

THIS Bundaberg green-thumb's passion for gardening has gone from taking out first place in the My Home Awards to causing him grief with the processes of the Housing Commission.

Laurence Watson has spent the last seven-and-a-half years cultivating a garden he loves, but it clashed with some of the housing stipulations of his garden, including the height of his mulch.

Mr Watson said while he understood the need to remove mulch which was in excess of the commission's height regulations, communication could have been better.

In his very own Eden there is everything from paw paw, to coffee trees, dragon fruit, passion fruit and banana trees growing.

"We could have resolved this ourselves," he said.

Mr Watson said the issues have since been resolved but believes there needs to be a more detailed description in their breech notices to ensure the appropriate changes are made.

"In the details section it says 'Causing a nuisance by the use of the premises as stated in your State Tenancy Agreement," he said.

"That could be in relation to anything."

A Department of Housing and Public Works spokesman said they encourage all social housing tenants to create gardens to beautify their homes and neighbourhoods.

"Gardens can provide so many benefits, such as helping Queenslanders stay healthy and active. That's why the Queensland Government's My Home Awards was created in 2015 and why it was co-sponsored by Queensland Health in 2017," he said.

"However, gardens in social housing properties also need to be safe and meet building regulations.

"For example, plants, garden beds and timber must be kept away from buildings to prevent termite damage.

"If a tenant refuses to remove materials such as these, then the department may have it removed. The requirements regarding maintaining gardens in social housing properties is provided to all tenants when they commence their tenancy."

A copy of these conditions can be found at