Man who 'terrified' onlookers sentenced to probation

A MAN has been sentenced to 18 months probation after an incident Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll said would have "terrified" all those who witnessed it.

Brett Michael Burst, 37, pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday to one count of possessing a knife in a public place, one of public nuisance and one of obstructing police.

The court heard police were called to Norris Rd in Bracken Ridge, Brisbane after reports of a man running through traffic waving a steak knife in the air.

The Rockhampton man complied with the officers' directions to drop the knife, but resisted when they attempted to arrest and restrain him.

Burst's defence solicitor said he had a history of periodic problems with substance abuse and was "horrified by his actions".

Mr O'Driscoll said "the public would have been terrified, not knowing what was going to happen" and sentenced Burst to 18 months probation.