Grinning criminal's mug-shot goes viral.
Grinning criminal's mug-shot goes viral.

Man’s cheesy mugshot goes viral

THIS man may just be the happiest criminal ever after he pulled a huge smile for his mugshot after being arrested for allegedly stealing clothes.

Shawn Paul Melonakos, 36, pulled the biggest smile he could after being accused of taking clothes from a store in Texas.

He allegedly fled the store with a bag full of items and was chased down by an employee and another person.

Things took a turn for the worse when they caught up with the would-be thief, when Melonakos threatened them with a big rock.

This prompted the employees to pull out his gun and shoot.

"I yelled at my kids to get down, that they were shooting," a woman told KOSA.

"He starts helping him chase the other guy, and then we heard a shot. I heard my daughter yell, so I honked the horn."

The criminal was charged with felony robbery as well as meth possession, and is being held on $34,000 ($A46,170) bond.