UK In Fourth Week Of Coronavirus Lockdown As Death Toll Exceeds 10,000
UK In Fourth Week Of Coronavirus Lockdown As Death Toll Exceeds 10,000

Man’s drunken Maccas run goes pear-shaped

An Ayr man took out his neighbour's car and fled the scene in a Maccas run gone wrong.

Five days before Christmas, residents of a Honeycombe St property in Ayr were enjoying a relaxing evening when they heard a loud bang.

Racing to the window, they looked out to see a white Ford Territory pull away from their parked red Holden Commodore which it had just been rear ended, only to see it drive into the garage of a house further up the street.

When the police arrived, they found truck driver Jason Robert Taylor to be "visibly intoxicated", with a blood-alcohol content of 0.138.

He told police he's been involved in an argument with his partner before driving to McDonald's to "get some space".

Taylor appeared in Ayr Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to driving a motor vehicle while over the middle alcohol limit and failing to comply with duties of driver involved in a crash and provide their particulars to the owner of property damaged.

Given his client's low level of education, duty lawyer Jake Burke said his client had poor employment prospects and would struggle to provide for his young daughter if he was disqualified from driving during the cane harvesting season, which was due to begin in March.

Acting-Magistrate Scott Luxton said it was a "significant blood alcohol reading" and Taylor had made a "poor decision" to drive when he knew he wasn't right to.

An impeccable driving record for the past 25 years convinced the magistrate that the incident was out of character.

Noting Taylors "nil" employment prospects beyond driving, he reduced the period of disqualification to five months while increasing the fines to a total of $2000, with convictions recorded.

Originally published as Man's drunken Maccas run goes pear-shaped