Manu: ‘Poached egg’ mistake we all make


We've all done it at least once in our lives - watch our eggs fall apart as we attempt to make poached eggs.

There's nothing worse than watching it crumble right before your eyes especially when all you want to do is whip up a quick brekky.

But, there's a simple reason why your egg is falling apart.

Australian-French celebrity chef Manu Feildel is a lover of many things, one being his eggs.

In fact, the My Kitchen Rules judge happens to be the Australian Eggs ambassador, so if anyone was to tell you how to master the classic breakfast dish, it would be him.

Manu said the mistake we're all making is not having fresh eggs.

"The secret is to make sure your eggs are fresh. If they are fresh you can't go wrong," he told

"If you buy eggs and they are somewhat older, the egg white breaks down and it won't work regardless if you are the best chef in the world."

Manu reveals secret to perfectly poached eggs.
Manu reveals secret to perfectly poached eggs.

Manu prefers scrambled eggs and said only if he is bothered, he will make poached eggs only because it takes a bit more time.

"It depends which mood I am in but I love cooking scrambled with my daughter, she four and a half. I also love a good sunny side up, cooked in butter so it's nice and caramelised on the egg whites and I do love poached if someone else does it because I can't be bothered to make it," he said laughing.

With World Egg Day (October 11) coming up (yes, there's such thing) the popular chef is on the hunt for the country's most popular egg dishes which will feature in an all-egg pop-up restaurant.

Eggs are a huge part of Australian culture, with 17 million eggs being consumed a day - a total of more than six billion eggs a year.

"I think we will see mainly breakfast dishes to be honest. That's what people enjoy doing on their Saturday and Sunday mornings but it would be nice to see something else especially egg dishes from around the world," Manu said.

Last year's Eggsellence Award was Blue Swimmer restaurant in Gerroa NSW for its Baghdad eggs with spiced lentils, stewed peppers, smoked almonds and cumin yoghurt on flatbread.

Following the public nominations, Manu will then pick his top four dishes which will be celebrated in a "d-egg-ustation" pop-up restaurant on the eve of World Egg Day, where the public will be tasked with tasting and testing each dish to help crown the winner of the 2019 Eggsellence Awards.

"It's incredible how creative you can be with eggs. There are so many talented chefs, restaurants and cafes who are creating delicious egg dishes based on tradition, cultural influences and trends," Manu said.

"I can't wait to see all the dishes that the public nominate, and I am excited to see which final four will feature at the egg pop-up restaurant."

Manu is also in the middle of filming the next season of MKR and revealed to viewers can expect a change in the show's format.

When asked if it's less drama and focused more on food, Manu said: "In some ways indeed.

"There is a little bit of spice still happening but the food is more prominent and absolutely delicious.

"But it's not up to us, it's up to the contestants and who wants to create trouble."

He said to expect "some old, some new" contestants and didn't confirm or deny rumours about it being a split show, with two series.

"I don't know, you're going to have to watch to find out … people will be surprised with what we have come up with."

Nominations to vote for your favourite egg dish close on September 22.