Liberal candidate and current member for Maranoa David Littleproud.
Liberal candidate and current member for Maranoa David Littleproud. Michael Nolan

Maranoa MP outlines plans for his second term

VOTERS in Queensland's largest electorate have selected David Littleproud to represent them for a second term.

The Maranoa MP secured a comfortable win, with voters delivering a six per cent swing towards the Agriculture Minister, and a two party preferred result of 72 per cent.

Mr Littleproud told Newscorp it was "humbling" to be voted in for a second term and said he was ready to begin working again.

"You never take for granted the gift that the people of Maranoa give you, and it's back to work and get on with the job," he said.

"I'm going to try to get on with what I've done and continue with what I've tried to achieve and do better."

The LNP member said he was proud to have also won the booth of Barcaldine - the birthplace of the Labor party.

Despite the success of his first term, Mr Littleproud said he would like to make a number of changes for his second round at bat.

"I'm going to continue working hard, but it's also about listening," he said.

"And that's about making people understand that my door is always open, my phone is always on.

"I'm not the beholder of all wisdom and knowledge.

"The people out there in Maranoa are the ones that own their community and need to drive their community.

"I'm just the conduit that tries to get them the resources that make it happen."

Mr Littleproud said his first step for his second term would be seeing through a number of projects in the works from his first term.

"There's a lot of projects that need to be worked on, through telecommunications, making sure we get more mobile phone black spots sorted, continue to get more investment in roads... those types of key infrastructure projects that drive our nations; and that's my job, to make sure that happens," he said.

He is also confident the nation will fare well under the LNP leadership, with Scott Morrison retaining his position as Prime Minister an solidifying his power in the party.

"We've got stability now," he said.

"The reality is while we've been ill-disciplined at times, we've delivered a lot over the past six years and we've got to learn from that."