UPSET: Tara Tucker is hoping that Marty is able to overcome the psychological effects of the vicious attack.
UPSET: Tara Tucker is hoping that Marty is able to overcome the psychological effects of the vicious attack. Mike Richards GLA141217BITE

Marty left shaking after dog attack

TARA Tucker's dog Marty is lucky to be alive and he's been left shaking after being attacked by two other dogs in Calliope.

Ms Tucker said this week she was walking Marty, her white maltese shih tzu, and her two other dogs on leads, when Marty was attacked.

"Two kelpies came across the street out of someone's garage and picked up my little dog and started throwing him around," she said.

"It was absolutely horrendous ... I have a bite mark on my hand."

Ms Tucker said they made that much of a noise during the attack that 10 people came out of their homes.

Marty is recovering at the moment after visiting the vet with puncture wounds.

The Calliope resident said she had complained to Gladstone Regional Council about the issue before.

However, Ms Tucker said her reports were downgraded to roaming dogs instead of dog attacks, which was completely different.

"We've been attacked in this area, in the last 12 months, five times, it's unacceptable," she said.

"Because of the amount of attacks that have occurred, it's starting to affect our dog's psyche.

"My vet was talking to me about our dog potentially having serious mental issues as he gets older because he has been traumatised so many times."

A council spokesperson said dog attacks had not become an issue at Calliope.

This year there have been 15 complaints throughout the region.

"Council follows up on every complaint made. Investigations are conducted to establish if any attack took place, identifying any alleged offending animal, obtaining sufficient evidence to identify (an) owner," they said.

"Then determinations are made once all evidence has been collated if there is sufficient evidence to support a dangerous/menacing dog application."

Ms Tucker said "God-forbid" what if the same thing that happened to her dog, happened to a young child.

"I live in the middle of two renters, both of them have small kids. What happens if they go for a walk," she asked.

"It is very disturbing."

There are a range of fines that can be imposed by the council for dog attacks, depending on the circumstances.

They range from $243-$609.