FIREWALL: QFES shared this harrowing image that shows just what firefighters are up against.
FIREWALL: QFES shared this harrowing image that shows just what firefighters are up against.

Mateship as strong as ever

THERE are people in the world who do not share my optimistic opinion on where we are heading as a country.

I have heard people bemoaning the loss of traditional Australian values, and to them I ask if they could reflect on what happened in Queensland this past week.

I am here to try and prove those of you who think we are doomed are very wrong.

We live in a magnificent country that people from around the globe have made their homes.

So, to define what the values of a truly multicultural-Australia are could be difficult for me, but I will certainly try. Firstly, the devastating fire that tried to tear the heart from people failed because our mateship for each other is as strong as ever.

Volunteers came from across the country to help strangers in their time of need - maybe we are not as self-centred as some people think we are.

Each one of those men and women have lives of their own that were given up selflessly to help people they may never meet.

That is just one point showing the Australian way is not lost. Additionally, there were stories of people not only fighting the terrifying blaze by themselves, but also rallying together to battle the flames.

The loyalty to their community was on display, and it is not dissimilar to the support shown to each other during past times of disaster.

Are you convinced we're doing okay yet? Well what about the compassion that was shown?

Homes were opened to strangers with no thought of what could be received in return.

Food was made and distributed to people on the fireground, and cold drinks were shared between residents and volunteers.

Each act showed we may not be as selfish as some think we are.

Those are not just a few examples of what had been shown in Deepwater this past week, they are things that made Australians famous around the world.

They show we still live in one of the most wonderful countries on the planet, but it also proves Australia can be even greater.

Imagine what we could be if those magnificent qualities were on display more regularly, and not just in times of need by a select few.

Mateship, loyalty and compassion are part of us all and I hope we can start to show them to everyone we come across in our day-to-day lives.

I know we have it in us - we are Australians after all.