Coen Jones at TCC. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin
Coen Jones at TCC. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin Allan Reinikka

Coen is just 12-years-old but he can do Year 11 maths

COEN Jones isn't even a teenager yet, but he's studying well beyond his years.

The Cathedral College maths whiz is in Year 8, but he's studying maths at a Year 11 level.

But for Coen, 12, maths is just what he does best.

"I find it (maths) interesting, I really like doing chance and data in class," Coen said.

"I think about sequencing a lot, and sometimes I can't get maths out of my head; I just can't switch it off."

His love for maths has paid off after Coen entered the Australian Mathematics Competition.

After taking the maths test, Coen picked up a prize award which is given to the top 0.3% of students in the competition.

And he won a prudence award, for having the highest number of consecutive answers right, which was 17 in his case.

Coen was excited to get the awards for his work.

While maths is a main interest of Coen's, he's also a keen musician.

Along with studying Year 11 MathsB, he's picked up three instruments over four years, which have come easily to him.

"I play the trombone, guitar and trumpet; but music is essentially maths," Coen explained.

"With music I follow patterns and sequences."

The student is hoping to one day turn his love of maths into a career and become a civil engineer.

- Lisa Benoit