Brendan Fevola during his time with the Brisbane Lions.
Brendan Fevola during his time with the Brisbane Lions. DAVE HUNT

McGuire on Fev: 'Couldn't wedge him between the sticks'

IT'S A case of thanks but no thanks when it comes to Brendon Fevola's offer to join Collingwood.

More than 1000 people had by Friday signed a petition calling for the man who kicked 623 goals in his 204-game AFL career to become the wayward Magpies' saviour inside their forward 50m.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire, however, said there was no room for the 35-year-old.

"No, not for him there's not!" McGuire said on his Triple M morning show.

"Couldn't wedge him between the sticks. Big Fev at the moment ... he's fat."

The Magpies' inability to convert in front of goal and their wasteful ball use inside forward 50 has cost them so far this season, slumping to a 1-4 start after the Anzac Day loss to Essendon.

Fevola hasn't played since being cut by Brisbane in 2010.

"I sort of laughed at it at the start but then I got thinking," Fevola said. "This is for now so obviously it can't happen because they've got their list.

"You can't come in and play and I'm as fat as a house and not very fit. I get puffed walking down the hallway. So obviously it can't happen today."