Mick Loxley and Chris McFerran.

Meet the brothers hiding away in famous BOM weather calendar

12th November 2018 3:22 PM
UPDATED 13th November 4:36 AM
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IT IS a tiny detail Warwick photographer Chris McFerran would usually edit out, but a closer look reveals a special moment between two brothers in a now-famous photo that appears in the Bureau of Meteorology 2019 Calendar.

When Mr McFerran pointed his lens at the sky five years ago, he had no idea he was about to capture a picture that would hang in houses around the world.

The Swan Creek countryside glows gold against dramatic storm clouds in the stunning image that was selected from a pool of 900 entries.

The image that features on the September page of the 2019 BoM calendar.
The image that features on the September page of the 2019 BoM calendar. Chris McFerran

For at least 30 days next year, people will admire Mr McFerran's masterpiece.

An avid "stormchaser", Mr McFerran said it was an honour to be selected.

"It all comes back to the cloud, that's what I think appealed to them," he said.

But it's the family connection that makes this image so special for Mr McFerran.

He and his brother Mick can be spotted in a shadow on the bottom right corner.

"We don't get to see each other that much, but storm chasing is a hobby we share," he said.

"I like the local content. The hay bales are a point of interest in the photo and the structure in the clouds, there is so much happening."

The Bureau of Meteorology 2019 Calendar is now available for purchase.