SOUND GUY: Beach Sounds co-organiser is 17 year-old Northern Rivers resident Ben Luke.
SOUND GUY: Beach Sounds co-organiser is 17 year-old Northern Rivers resident Ben Luke. Jack Thepsourinthone

Meet the 17-year-old organising his third music festival

MUSIC bands Candy, Leroy Francis, Wavevom, Liquid Face, Pals, Cakes, Lexicon, Scab Baby, No Parade and Plenko will be on stage at this year's all-ages and free Beach Sounds festival in Lennox Head.

At a time when music festivals are tying to survive or move away from NSW, Beach Sounds will hold its third event as an all-ages one-day festival, organised by 17-year-old Northern Rivers man Ben Luke.

Luke is the owner of Lennox Groove, the festival's co-producer, along with Lennox band Wharves, and said the event is focused on music for young people and featuring local talent.


MUSIC: Byron Bay band Liquid Face.
MUSIC: Byron Bay band Liquid Face is heading to Beach Sounds this year.

Ben curates all the music and picks the bands for the line up.

"We have some local bands from Byron and Lismore, such as No Parade and Plenko, plus other bands fantastic touring bands from Melbourne, Wollongong and Brisbane," he said.

Although he is only 17, Luke has successfully co-produced the annual event twice before, and ticket sales continue to increase.

"The main growth we have seen in the festival over the years has been the amount of under aged people coming out and supporting live music," he said.

"There's never been a big (number of) under aged people that would support their local music scene."

"To get a bunch of young people out to support music and see local bands is the main change we have seen over the years."

Ben Luke said the hardest part of organising an all-ages music event was promoting it.

"I think it's probably getting all the marketing and all our social media together so that we get people to the event," he said.

"We hope that we can make the festival as fun and good as it could be. We are going to continue to trying to work out what what local kids enjoy the best at the festival."