David Gibson back in Parliament after nervous breakdown

GYMPIE MP David Gibson has returned to work, having taken his place in Parliament for yesterday's Budget sittings in Brisbane.

Mr Gibson had been on sick leave since April 30 and announced on May 2 that he was experiencing a "nervous breakdown."

This followed revelations on April 22 about his theft of $7000 from the Army in 1999, a matter for which he was dealt with by the courts, with no conviction recorded.

Mr Gibson indicated at that time he would continue to serve as Gympie MP until the next state election, but would not be standing for re-election.

His criminal past was revealed online by former supporter, Rainbow Beach businessman Scott Elms, who was expelled from the LNP over the issue.

Mr Elms announced on Friday that he would not be standing as an independent MP and was withdrawing from all community roles he had taken on, saying a backlash from Gibson supporters had ruined his business and personal life.

His announcement came exactly four weeks after Mr Gibson's announcement of his nervous breakdown and planned retirement from politics, over Mr Elms' revelations.

Mr Gibson's wife Alicia posted a picture of the two going out on Saturday, the day Mr Elm's announcement was published in The Gympie Times.

Mr Gibson, sporting a beard, returned to public life at Parliament House yesterday.


  • April 22 - Scott Elms makes online revelations about Mr Gibson's past. Gibson announces he is seeking legal advice.
  • April 23 -  Gibson says he is a victim of "political blackmail, intimidation and mud raking and vows to stay in politics."
  • April 24 - Elms says he looks forward to threatened defamation action.
  • April 25 - Gibson attends Anzac Day commemorations at Kandanga and the parade in Gympie.
  • May 1 - Almost the entire Rainbow Beach business community publicly disassociates itself from Mr Elms' campaign.
  • May 2 - Gibson announces he is experiencing a nervous breakdown, seeks privacy for himself and his family and vows to stay on as an MP, though only until the next election.
  • May 6 - Parliamentary Ethics Committee is reported to be investigating Elms. Parliamentary Speaker, Fiona Simpson, tells the House Gibson is on sick leave effective from April 30.
  • May 26 - Palmer United Party says Gympie seat is "in play" at the next state election, but it is for reasons of general LNP unpopularity and not connected to Gibson.
  • May 30 - Elms announces the end of his political aspirations and withdrawal from community roles and the destruction of much of his business and personal life, blaming a backlash from Gibson supporters.
  • May 31 - Gibson and his wife Alicia are shown on Facebook going out.
  • June 3 - Gibson returns to Parliament.