A snap shot of the video shows the officer mid-swing as he hits a dog with the catch pole.
A snap shot of the video shows the officer mid-swing as he hits a dog with the catch pole. Contributed

Menacing dog investigation: RSPCA to work with Rocky council

THE RSPCA is working with Rockhampton Regional Council to ensure officers are adequately trained in handling dangerous dogs.

An investigation by the animal welfare body into an incident involving a council officer and two dogs, which was caught on CCTV recently, is expected to wind up next week.

The incident went viral on social media as the video showed the council officer striking two dogs with a long catch pole.

Rockhampton Dog Catch: A video that has been shared around social media depicting three local law officers from Rockhampton Regional Council catching dog, one of which was deemed as menacing.

Yesterday, a spokesman for the RSCPA said it was yet to be decided whether any further action would need to be taken in relation to the incident.

The dogs were reportedly looked over by a vet who claims they had not incurred injuries.

"We are certainly speaking with council and working on other ways to deal with aggressive animals," the spokesman said.

"We have been, and will continue, to work together on ways to deal with these dogs."

In a previous statement, CEO of Rockhampton Regional Council Evan Pardon said officers attended the premises to investigate reported attacks on residents.


ROK-pardon-2   RRC CEO Evan Pardon   Photo supplied
ROK-pardon-2 RRC CEO Evan Pardon Photo supplied

"At this stage, council can confirm one of the dogs is classed as a Regulated Menacing Dog which wasn't suitably enclosed as required under the conditions of keeping that animal," Mr Pardon said after the video was posted in November.

Yesterday Mr Pardon said it would be inappropriate to comment further while the investigation was under way and urged people to be patient.

"Once the investigation has been finalised, council will respond appropriately in due course," he said.

"As I said at the start of this process, I would urge residents to wait until the results of the investigation and the circumstances are fully known before making assumptions about the incident."