Graham Levi Randolph, 36, pleaded guilty on May 13 in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton to 22 charges.
Graham Levi Randolph, 36, pleaded guilty on May 13 in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton to 22 charges.

Meth addict busted three times in eight months

A METHAMPHETAMINES addict busted three times in eight months possessing more than two grams of the illicit drug has been sentenced to 4.5 years prison.

Graham Levi Randolph, 36, pleaded guilty on May 13 in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton to 22 charges including three counts of possessing in excess of two grams of meth, three of possessing a dangerous drug, four unlawful possession of weapons and other drug related charges.

Crown prosecutor Edward Fleetwood said Randolph's ­offending took place during four incidents with the most serious being the 18.799g of pure meth, worth between $4200 and $10,000, being found at his house.

Defence barrister Tom Polley said the father-of-two had been exposed to marijuana while living in a caravan park in Gladstone with his mother and four siblings, before moving to Sydney.

He said Randolph started using meth in his mid 20s.

"He is a regular drug users supporting his habit," Mr Polley said.

The court heard the offending took place in Gladstone between January 21, 2019, and August 30, 2019.

Randolph was a passenger in a vehicle intercepted by police on the Dawson Highway about 9.30pm on January 31 and was sitting on knuckledusters.

He also had meth (7.214g pure) and marijuana, along with a glass pipe and scales, stashed in a black case tucked into his pants, and claimed ownership of a bong in the back of the car.

Randolph was released on watch house bail.

On March 23, 2019, police searched Randolph's residence on John Dory Dr, Toolooa, and found $5000 cash in a cryovac bag on the floor, a ­cryovac machine and empty bags in the kitchen.

They also found a water pipe, digital scales, empty clip seal bags, a butterfly knife and another large black knife, weights, syringes, two radio scanners, nunchucks and a laser pointer.

"When you heard police were going to open (the key safe in a hallway cupboard) with a grinder, you offered them the code," Justice Graeme Crow said.

The safe contained 25.422g of meth, of which 18.799g was pure.

There was also a small amount of marijuana hidden behind a speaker in the lounge room. Again, he was charged and released on watch house bail only to reoffend five months later.

He was standing on the footpath outside his house holding a bicycle when police pulled up and searched him, finding a glass pipe on Randolph.

Police then executed a search warrant on Randolph's house the next day - August 30 - finding a black container with four clip seal bags of meth on the floor, along with 12 pseudoephedrine tablets, syringe, three empty clip seal bags and scales.

There was a used glass pipe on the dining room table along with knuckledusters.

Randolph had a knife concealed in his necklace.

Justice Crow said repeated reoffending showed the woeful situation Randolph was in due to his addiction.

Mr Polley said Randolph had worked in many industries including trawlers, scaffolding and concreting.

He said a workplace accident while concreting led to the tearing of both ACLs, followed by a motor bike accident two years later, coupled with his drug use meant he never fully recovered.

Mr Polley said Randolph was considering a rehabilitation service in Hervey Bay when released from prison.

Randolph told Justice Crow he had his family as motivation to stay away from drugs.

"I've been letting them down for so long," he said.

Justice Crow ordered Randolph to a 4.5 year prison term, declared 257 days presentence custody with parole eligibility on February 28, 2021.