Generic photo of a syringe for a graphic
Generic photo of a syringe for a graphic

Meth user caught red-handed with pipe, syringe

A MAN busted with a methamphetamines pipe claimed the clear liquid in a syringe was water.

Daniel Charles Langman, 40, pleaded guilty on September 16 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of possessing a drug utensil and one of failing to safely carry a syringe.

Police prosecutor Jess King said police intercepted a car at 1am on August 26 on Denham St with Langman in a passenger seat and a female driver.

She said police detained the pair for a search and found a sunglasses case under the seat Langman had been sitting on.

Ms King said inside was a used meth pipe and syringe with 0.4ml of an unknown liquid.

She said Langman told police he used the pipe about a month prior and the syringe contained water.

Defence lawyer Lachlan Robertson said Langman, a father of two, normally worked as a concreter but was unemployed due to COVID-19 downturn in the industry.

He said through parole, Langman had been engaging in a Narcotics Anonymous program which went for 16 weeks.

Langman was fined $750 and convictions were recorded.