Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher: Man arrested over stolen file dead

A MAN arrested over the suspected theft of a medical file relating to Michael Schumacher has been found hanged in his cell, Zurich police have said.

The man, who worked as a manager for the Rega air ambulance service, was found dead today in a city police jail following his arrest on Tuesday. His name has not been released and he had denied any wrong doing.

Prison officers reportedly found the man dead this morning when they brought his breakfast. He was due to appear at a hearing before a judge.

Prosecutors opened an investigation into suspected violation of professional secrecy after Rega and Schumacher's family filed criminal complaints.

Rega arranged the seven-time F1 champion's transfer in June from a hospital in France to a hospital in Switzerland, to continue his recovery from his December 29 skiing accident.

Schumacher's manager Sabina Kehm later said medical documents purported to be Schumacher's were being offered for sale to French, Swiss and German journalists for a reported figure of €50,000 (£39,600).

Ms Kehm had threatened to sue any publication that ran the confidential records.

Rega lodged a criminal complaint on July 8 for the suspected leak of Schumacher's medical files, but said at the time it had no proof that one of its employees was implicated.

An investigation by Zurich's cantonal prosecutor led to the arrest of a Rega employee on Tuesday in connection with violating patient privacy and medical secrecy.

Zurich prosecutors say initial investigations indicate that no-one else was involved.

Rega CEO Ernst Kohler said in a statement on Wednesday that the helicopter company was "saddened" by the "tragic event."

Schumacher suffered serious head injuries following the skiing accident in France, which left him in a medically-induced coma.

The 45-year-old was woken from it in June, and is currently being treated at Grenoble hospital in Switzerland near to his family home. Although his condition has improved, medical experts have said he may never fully recover and will always reply on the help of others.