PROMISES MADE: Capricornia MP Michelle Landry and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Michael McCormack were proud to announce a $21.6 commitment towards the upgrade of Stanage Bay Road during the election campaign.
PROMISES MADE: Capricornia MP Michelle Landry and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Michael McCormack were proud to announce a $21.6 commitment towards the upgrade of Stanage Bay Road during the election campaign. Leighton Smith

Michelle Landry's full list of promises for Capricornia

FOLLOWING the comprehensive re-election of Michelle Landry in Capricornia and Scott Morrison as Prime Minister, it is worth revisiting her pre-election pitch and full list of promises to tick off as they are delivered.

Ms Landry made it a key campaign pledge to see more jobs for local workers.

"I have a plan to deliver just that, by delivering more real job-creating projects and by backing our traditional industries - agriculture and mining - in their fight against those who would shut their jobs down,” Ms Landry said

"One in three Central Queenslanders relies on mining to put food on their table and the rest of us rely on it to keep the lights on and the stores open. It is vital we send a message to those out there who can't stand up for local jobs and say, 'I support Adani'.

"I have lived all my life in Central Queensland and in the past five years have worked incredibly hard to deliver the projects we so desperately need, but there is more to do and more to achieve. Put your faith in me and I will continue to work every day for you and for our community.”

Campaign promises:

  • Deliver on our promise to create a further 1.25 million jobs over next 5 years
  • Delivering a balanced Budget after a decade in the red
  • Provide tax relief to families and small businesses
  • Provide a tax rebate this year of up to $1,080 for eligible singles, $2,160 for couples.
  • $100 billion nationwide infrastructure plan
  • Invest $10 billion into fixing the Bruce Highway
  • Deliver legislation to help casual workers convert to permanent
  • Fund 80,000 new apprenticeships across the country
  • Develop a $30 million School of Mining and Resources for CQ
  • Delivering a Royal Commission into Aged Care system and into Disability sector
  • 10,000 new Home Care packages so our elderly can remain at home for longer.
  • $84 million for respite care so carers can get a break.
  • More funding to deal with domestic violence with programmes like 1800RESPECT
  • Build a new Ring Road in Rockhampton
  • Install a new Authority to manage major water infrastructure projects in Central Queensland
  • Make sure our retirees aren't hit by new taxes
  • Continue listing life-changing medicines on the PBS
  • $254 million for Yeppoon to Mt Isa highways
  • Help fund the biggest Beef Australia ever
  • Deliver Pre-school funding for 350,000 kids, so they can get 15 hours of quality learning each week.
  • Continue to deliver record funding to Hospitals (CQ hospitals up 94 per cent under Coalition)
  • Continue to deliver record funding for our schools
  • $300 million schools package (up 63% since Labor)
  • Help young home buyers save their first deposit, dropping what they need to just 5 per cent
  • Keep the loopholes closed to stop multinationals shipping profits offshore
  • Deliver 83 per cent local content on the massive Shoalwater Bay Training Area Expansion project
  • Keep our borders secure
  • Continue to deliver better roads, lower taxes, and more jobs
  • Continue to fund major job-creating projects
  • All this without increasing taxes

Capricornia spending promises:

  • $20 million to 1,000 seat Convention Centre at Yeppoon
  • $10 million to kick-start Urannah Dam
  • $10,000,000 to build the Rockhampton Art Gallery
  • $12,000,000 to Dr Gomes' Heart of Australia service coming to Sarina
  • $2,000,000 to PCYC Rockhampton youth crime prevention programme
  • $2,100,000 to help better co-ordinate welfare services in Rockhampton
  • $50,000 to upgrade Finch Hatton Emergency Airstrip
  • $20,000 for Emu Park Surf Lifesavers to refurbish and upgrade their clubhouse facilities
  • $2,500 for the Mill Gallery Yeppoon to help improve their great shop on Normanby St.
  • $330,000 for two new netball courts for Capricorn Coast Netball Association at their Barmaryee home
  • $20,000 for upgrades to the Capricorn Coast Volunteer Coast Guard's Rosslyn Harbour base
  • $675,000 for funding for 3 traffic black spots in CQ
  • $300,000 to build new pens for the Koorana Crocodile Farm
  • $146,200 to upgrade lighting at Swan Park, home of the Yeppoon Swans
  • Unknown spend between Gracemere and North Rockhampton as part of $254 million to Mt Isa to Yeppoon corridor
  • Unknown spend in Rockhampton for $30 million for School of Mining and Manufacturing (based in Rockhampton and Gladstone)

16 pledges totalling = $74.14 million

Ms Landry has also committed to the follow projects - some of which have funding already allocated by the government:

  • Rockhampton Ring Road ($800 million)
  • Rookwood Weir ($176 million)
  • South Rocky Flood Levee ($25 million)
  • Yeppoon Rd upgrades ($64 million)
  • Beef Australia exposition in May 2021 ($3.9 million)
  • Upgrade to Stanage Bay Rd ($21.6 million)

Total = $1.09 billion.