SPEAKING OUT: Minister for Resources Matt Canavan with Dawson MP George Christensen.
SPEAKING OUT: Minister for Resources Matt Canavan with Dawson MP George Christensen. Zizi Averill

Minister hears Adani approval call

A FORCEFUL call to move forward on Adani's Carmichael mine has been answered.

Within hours of a Paget meeting to fast forward Adani approvals, Environment Minister Melissa Price announced she had approved groundwater management plans for the Adani coal mine, clearing one of the final hurdles for the project with just days until an election is called.

Ms Price issued a statement today announcing the move, amid intense pressure from Queensland colleagues to give the mine the green light.

A sign at a Paget workshop yesterday warned drivers to 'go slow and sound horn' and the Coalition took that advice when attending a RIN forum about the coal industry.

Standing next to the sign, Resources Minister Matt Canavan and Dawson MP George Christensen loudly stated that the controversial Adani should go ahead, despite delays to its approval.

They warned of a potential Labor Government plan to shut down the Adani mine, saying there was only limited time to approve the project before the government went into caretaker mode ahead of the election.

Despite reported delays to the environmental report of Adani's groundwater management plan, and bitter internal Coalition infighting, Senator Canavan said the project was still on track.

"Obviously the project has to go through the same approval processes as any other project," he said

Senator Canavan said he and the whole Liberal-National Coalition were looking to secure the mine's approval as soon as possible.

" That's what George (Christensen) and I and all Liberal-Nationals members are fighting for because we are fighting for jobs in this region."

"I just want this project to be treated fairly for these jobs to be created in a diligent way, a professional way in a way that protects all interests, the economy, the community and the environment too," he said

" It will go through the proper diligent work from the scientists and I'm confident as a nation that we can get the Carmichael mine off the ground and protect the environment as well. "

Yesterday reports of internal party infighting over the mine emerged. Senator Canavan rejected the claims that the Coalition was delaying the mines approval to protect city seats in Victoria.

When asked if Senator Canavan was pressuring Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Ms Price to push through the proposals, he said, "What I and George do is fight for our region. I stand up of the jobs here and the opportunities here".

"We're not seeking to play politics, were seeking to make sure we get everything right and do things in a proper way"

"I'm fighting for what's right every day of the week, that's what I do. . I'm no shrinking wallflower and neither is this fella next to me. We both just fight for our regions and jobs and that is what I'll keep doing."