Father tells of baby's miracle

Miracle baby survives mother's horror death

THE partner of a pregnant Tasmanian woman who was killed in a horrific car crash has told of the miracle survival of their baby boy.

Sarah Paino was 32 weeks pregnant when she was killed in a crash with a teenager near the Hobart waterfront on January 21 last year. Her injuries weren't survivable, but doctors were able to save baby Caleb by delivering him with an emergency caesarean section.


Caleb Stirling, Daniel Stirling and Sarah Paino's son.
Caleb Stirling, Daniel Stirling and Sarah Paino's son. Sunday Night, Channel 7

Twenty-four year-old Ms Paino was driving home after dropping partner Daniel Stirling at his bakery workplace when the collision occurred.

Mr Stirling was told of the devastating news when police officers visited him at work soon after the crash. Haunting CCTV of the moment he was told of the crash was played last night on Channel 7's Sunday Night program.


Daniel Stirling, father to Caleb Stirling and partner of Sarah Paino.
Daniel Stirling, father to Caleb Stirling and partner of Sarah Paino. Sunday Night, Channel 7

He said the family celebrated Caleb's first birthday - but the day was still tinged with sadness as it also marked the death of the love of his life.

"[It was] Very tough. But we treated it as Caleb's birthday more so," Mr Stirling told Sunday Night.

"I'm doing okay. I have some bad days where I just can't stop thinking about her, you know. Like every morning the thought's always there. It's more so when I'm alone at night."

But Mr Stirling said Caleb had no ongoing health issues, despite the traumatic start of his life.

"He had an appointment last week with the paediatrician at the Royal Hobart Hospital and he absolutely aced it, which made me proud," he said.

Sarah Paino.
Sarah Paino.

He was determined Caleb and his older brother Jordan would grow up knowing about their wonderful mum.

"It's a very full on gig, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I mean, I would as such - I'd have Sarah back in a heartbeat," he said.

The driver of the car, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was 15 when he drove at speeds in excess of 100km/h through suburban and city streets, his joy ride coming to an end when he T-boned a Nissan hatchback driven by Ms Paino.

He was sentenced to five years jail in August last year. He has to serve a minimum two-and-half years before he is eligible for release.