FULL RECOVERY: Lazarus the cockatoo has risen from the dead and back to his natural habitat
FULL RECOVERY: Lazarus the cockatoo has risen from the dead and back to his natural habitat Damian Tessmann

Miracle cockatoo returns home

RESIDENTS of the South Burnett have been through some challenging times over the last week after severe storms swept across the region.

Few struggled more so than Coolabunia dairy farmer Damien Tessmann and his unlikely feathered friend, Lazarus.

Mr Tessman thanked the many family and friends who have assisted to get his dairy back to working standards.

But the most remarkable recovery belonged to Mr Tessman's newest mate, Lazarus, a cockatoo who looked like he had flown his final flight.

The dairy farmer found Lazarus face down on the ground after the hail storm.

Mr Tessman had some positive news to share about his mate.

"He flew the coop yesterday afternoon," he said.

"He looked like he wanted to go, it is the best outcome for him."

This was some positive news to come out of last week's storms, which Mr Tessmann said were the worst he had ever experienced.

"The roof on the dairy was ripped off and this exposed all the technology in the dairy to the elements," he said.

"The farm has been in the family for 120 years and this is as bad as it has ever been."

"We had two feeders smash through our fences."

Now that he could start to see the light, Mr Tessman thanked all those who have helped his family in their time of need.

"It's quite indicative of our region," he said.

The amount of people who have helped us and pitched in will not be forgotten and definitely was not lost on us."

Mr Tessman said he had been inundated with calls from people all over the world asking how Lazarus was getting on.

"I have had phone calls from Canada and America, even one group in Hawaii asked how he was going," he said.

"At least if they make a movie about me, they can just use Ryan Gosling."