Miranda Kerr Launches Her Brand Kora At Space NK In The UK
Miranda Kerr Launches Her Brand Kora At Space NK In The UK

Miranda’s kooky ideas just got dangerous

THIS is what the world would look like now if the anti-vaxxers were in charge.

All those nutty people - mostly hippies and celebrity mothers who would shut off the population to vaccines - would bring Australia to its knees, in a health and economic sense.

The world is now dealing with one of the largest catastrophes in a century.

Who would have thought that a viral outbreak could shut down boarders, bring in social isolation laws and put restrictions on Federal Parliament?

The restrictions imposed on who can visit Parliament not only draws out practical problems but it is hugely symbolic - it goes to the heart of our democracy.

But if any good is to come of the coronavirus, it is to reinforce why vaccines are integral, how they save lives and why as many people as possible need to get them.

Crunching on kale and breathing in fresh air will never stave off polio, measles or chickenpox.

And there is no credible information that shows vaccines lead to autism.



When Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls on Australians to do their part and pull together to get through the pandemic, that should also extend to getting the vaccine when one becomes available.

To shun this would not only be irresponsible but it should also be unlawful. Unless there is a real medical reason, there should be no excuses.

Associated Press in the US reported the first human clinical trial for coronavirus was due to start yesterday.

A US Government official, who spoke on the basis of anonymity, said the trial would take place at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle.

Public health officials said it would take a year to 18 months to fully validate any potential vaccine, AP reported.



Testing will begin with 45 young, healthy volunteers with different doses of shots.

There's no chance they can be infected from the vaccinations because they don't contain the virus itself.

That piece of information should calm down the lunatics who will claim they will get some kind of bat-infestation if they get the shot.

And while on the subject of batty BS, Miranda Kerr has deserved the blowback she has received for promoting the information of "medical medium" Anthony William to help prevent contracting the virus.

Apparently people should not eat eggs because they are "the No.1 food viruses like to feed on".

Why would a person with a normal IQ actually listen to someone with the title of medical medium - the equivalent of taking financial advice from a ouija board?

It is dangerous, but even more so given Kerr has 12 million Instagram followers.