Caleb Michael Victor Dibdin pleaded guilty to obstructing police.
Caleb Michael Victor Dibdin pleaded guilty to obstructing police.

Mirani man drinks VB stubby on cop shop verandah

DRUNK and grasping a VB stubby, a 24 year old stood on the Mirani cop shop verandah and yelled for police to “chase me” while his mate was being breath tested.

Caleb Michael Victor Dibdin was “full of piss” and the passenger in a car stopped by the sole officer patrolling the suburb at 9.45pm on July 5 this year.

When the driver was detained, Dibdin was loud and argumentative with the cop and continued to “mouth off” when his mate was taken away.

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“As police left the scene (Dibdin) yelled out, ‘watch me, watch me go, watch me run amok,” Prosecutor Sergeant Sabine Scott said.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard Dibdin then rocked up to the Mirani police station, “stood on the front verandah (and) began calling out of the driver of the vehicle” while drinking a VB stubby.

“He was told to get rid of the beer and wait while the officer dealt with his friend,” Sgt Scott said.

The 24 year old was fined $400 and a conviction was recorded.
The 24 year old was fined $400 and a conviction was recorded.

Instead, Dibdin kept yelling to his mate, “I’ll make a scene, they’ll chase me, they won’t chase you”, while knocking on the front door.

He was arrested, but when a family member arrived “he refused to leave the station … on multiple occasions, he said he wanted to go to the watch-house”.

“It seems to me (Dibdin) may have an issue with substance abuse, he’s got a problem with the grog,” Sgt Scott said, regarding his criminal history.

“He’s had so many opportunities to have no conviction recorded.”

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The court heard Dibdin had been charged with two burglaries and a number of drug-related and drink-driving offences and no criminal conviction had been recorded.

Magistrate James Morton labelled Dibdin’s actions as “high stupid” and said his attitude “made me think (he) needs a timely reminder of his place in society”.

“They might have saved somebody’s life that night by taking your friend off the road,” Mr Morton said.

“You’re only 24, I realise you probably haven’t developed a full brain yet.

“Have you got any children?”

When Dibdin, who is unemployed with two broken legs, said no, Mr Morton responded with “Well that’s one good thing.”

“How much do you get from the government to sit at home and drink VB?” Mr Morton queried.

“Alcohol-fuelled stupidity.”

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Mr Morton said Dibdin had already received remarkable leniency in having no convictions recorded previously, and agreed there was no reason one should not be recorded in this instance.

Dibdin pleaded guilty to obstructing police. He was also fined $400.

“Don’t get in the way, get in the way you will be charged,” Mr Morton said.

“If it doesn’t involve you … mind your business, keep your mouth shut.”

A conviction was recorded.