Jasmine Morris.


11th August 2018 12:00 AM

FORGOTTEN from the Federal missing persons register under what could be described as a clerical error, Jasmine Morris' case is open and active according to NSW Police.

Last seen by her brother at the South Grafton Bi-Lo (now Coles) on October 6, 2009, Jasmine was reported missing 14 days later by her family.

In 2015, police used an excavator to dig for evidence north of Grafton, but they unearthed no clues.

The Clarence Valley has six missing persons, dating from the 1970s to only months ago when a Brooms Head man went missing in Sandon.

There might be few clues to lead police to new evidence in the cases of some of our missing people, but it's not a reason to forget their stories.

Inspector Jo Reid from Coffs Clarence Police District said it was important to keep missing persons in the back of your mind because police wanted to be able to give families much-needed answers.

Police may have an idea of what happened to the missing persons in the Clarence, but without the evidence, there can be no outcome and no closure for the families.


Narelle Cox
Narelle Cox. Contributed

Narelle Cox - July 1977

LAST year marked 40 years since the disappearance of Narelle Cox, a Grafton woman who had the world at her feet.

She had left a note to say she was heading to Noosa to stay with her friend Faye Brown: "Gone to Noosa to see Faye. Be back on Monday." But when Monday came, and Narelle was nowere to be seen by her family or Faye, her mother Beryl and her sister Karen reported her missing at Grafton Police Station.

"They didn't seem to think it was that serious. She was 21 (not a child) but they did tell us they would notify all the police stations between Grafton and Noosa to be on the lookout in case something happened," Karen told The Daily Examiner last year.

"We assured them that Narelle would never disappear on purpose, that she was planning to be nurse. That leaving her family without communicating was not the type of girl she was."

In 2005, Narelle's case was reopened by the coroner to sign off a backlog of cold cases - signing off that dead or alive, Narelle's case was closed.


Stephen Colin Bryant
Stephen Colin Bryant

Stephen Colin Bryant - December 1993

THE power was still on, telephone connected, food was in the cupboard and his clothes were untouched, but no one had any idea where Tucabia man Stephen Bryant had gone.

On December 23, 1993, he accepted an invitation to a neighbour's house for Christmas dinner, but he never turned up.

It wasn't until 1994 that a neighbour reported him missing to the Ulmarra Police Station.

Upon investigation, police discovered he had not accessed his bank account since December 16 the year the disappeared.


Gerardus Bakkenhoven who disappeared from Iluka.
Gerardus Bakkenhoven.

Gerardus Bakkenhoven - August 2014

GERARDUS' wallet, keys, driver's licence Medicare card and pension card were all on the kitchen bench, and his white Suzuki van was unlocked, parked in his carport, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After not seeing him for a few days, Gerardus' neighbours reported him missing, but after an extensive search through Iluka and the surrounding region.

The 88-year-old's daily routine involved sitting on his balcony each morning, riding his bicycle through Iluka, Woody Head and and swimming in Shark Bay. Police searched his regular routes, but they failed to find him.


Sharon Edwards
Sharon Edwards.

Sharon Edwards - March 2015

IT'S BEEN declared a murder investigation, but despite years of searching, there has been no trace of missing teacher Sharon Edwards.

Police believe the last person to see her was her estranged husband John Edwards, who has since been charged with her murder.

Police have searched extensively for Sharon since her disappearance.

Following the arrest in Queensland and extradition of John Edwards last year, police searched the Edwards' home in Lawrence extensively.

He will face a committal hearing on October 16.


Missing fisherman Kenneth
Kenneth "Kenny” Parker. Stephen Otton

Kenneth Parker - June 2018

BROOMS Head man Kenneth "Kenny" Parker told a friend he was going fishing on the Sandon River, and he never returned.

Last seen in the Sandon Village at 1.30pm on the Wednesday, police found his boat anchored to the jetty and his fishing rod missing.

The search continued for nearly a week, with emergency services and the Westpac Helicopter joining in.