Mob of armed ‘cowardly’ hoons in street fracas

BURNOUTS in an Ipswich street resulted in an angry late night confrontation by an armed mob of cowardly hoons and their mates with innocent residents.

When residents spoke to the driver of a red Mazda about burnout circles done by a black Commodore, a youth who turned up at the scene said he would come back with his "boys".

Not long after a mob of up to 15 males armed with bats and crow bars descended on Windle Street in Brassall including Jay Robert Shaw who arrived from his home one kilometre away.

In evidence heard before Ipswich Magistrates Court, Shaw, 25, was armed with a baseball bat but returned with a crowbar.

Many of the offenders were alleged to belong to a hooning group in Brassall whose dumb driving antics have stressed and worried residents for a long time.

When opposing bail earlier, police say Shaw actively avoided police for three days before being arrested, and is an active member of the 187 Cartel, a hooning group in south east Queensland.

Appearing by video-link from the police watch-house, a subdued Shaw pleaded guilty to two charges of assault causing bodily harm when armed on Wednesday, May 20 (the victims were two male residents); two counts of doing wilful damage on May 20; doing wilful damage on May 21; and unlawful possession of weapons - an air rifle on May 21.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said it was a very disturbing incident that involved "mob violence" and Shaw should serve actual jail time. Police sought a 12 month jail term.

Sgt Dick said the incidents occurred from 10.30pm when the driver of a black Commodore did burnouts, with a youth aged 17 later later telling a resident who had complained - "I'll be back soon with all my boys."

Around 11pm the youth returned with between 5 and 15 males wielding a bat and yelling "you're f---ing dead" to one resident.

Sgt Dick said Shaw was seen in a jersey with a number 3 on the back and carrying a baseball bat.

Shaw went into a man's front yard and walked angrily toward him.

He swung his bat toward a Nissan Patrol then used the bat to smash the rear light of a Toyota Landcruiser and damage a door.

Sgt Dick said one man's wife was cowering inside the house sheltering two children from the disturbance outside, and the 64-year-old father of her husband stood outside the house "watching the angry mob descend".

"Fearing they would be attacked (a resident) got into his Toyota Landcruiser and drove onto the road in an attempt to dissipate the mob," he said.

Shaw had then swung his baseball bat at the head of the other resident who tried to block the strike with his right arm from hitting his face or head.

The bat struck him on his upper arm causing a 20cm contusion and bruise that caused significant pain.

Shaw struck another man three times with the bat - the hits to his arm when he tried to protect his face.

Shaw then swung the baseball bat and smashed the front windscreen of a woman's Nissan patrol and then smashed the rear windscreen of a Hyundai sedan.

Sgt Dick said Shaw ran away briefly then came back armed with a crow bar which he swung at one resident but missed.

Another male in the mob hit a male resident in the jaw causing him to briefly lose consciousness.

Sgt Dick said as a result of the resident driving his vehicle up and down the street the group of males eventually ran off, scattering towards Atlantic Drive.

In a phone call with police Shaw had been abusive and refused to say where he was. A police search located a rifle in his laundry.

Shaw was eventually arrested in the Ipswich CBD.

Sgt Dick said Shaw's bad behaviour was not a one-off as his criminal history included public order offences, assault causing bodily harm, and going armed to cause fear.

"For no reason he involves himself in an incident of mob violence," he said.

"It was serious and very cowardly. Basically gratuitous violence and prison is really called for."

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Shaw grew up in Cairns and Ipswich, and saved the court time and expense by his early guilty pleas.

"He had some alcohol on-board and was straight up with police. Yes, I don't deny what I did," Mr Hoskin said.

"He lost his licence on May 6. It is not said that he did the burnout or was in the red Mazda."

Mr Hoskin said Shaw went there to strike fear, and not to hurt anyone but was obviously known to people.

Mr Hoskin said Shaw instructs that he had been hit on the street that night by the driver of the vehicle.

He sought for Shaw not to serve actual jail time, saying he was now a dad to twin baby girls and lost his job because of COVID-19.

As a result his drinking had increased and this affected his judgment.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler said Shaw had not provided an explanation to police for what he did.

"However sir, this can only be described as quite frightening and gratuitous violence at 10.30pm outside a home with children inside," Mr Fowler said.

"I do not accept the suggestion you decided to arm yourself with a view to provide some passive, moral support to that person who was seeking your assistance."

Shaw was convicted and sentenced to 10-months jail, and ordered to serve two months with the remainder of the sentence suspended 18-months.

He was ordered to pay $700 in damages.