Toowoomba brothel Deviations is for sale.
Toowoomba brothel Deviations is for sale. ibreakstock

Toowoomba brothel for sale with unique conditions

IF YOU are flush with cash and want to buy a small business in Toowoomba check out Deviations, the city's only brothel.

It is listed for sale at $695,000.

The price includes the business and freehold title for its 14 Civil Ct premises.

Deviations opened in 2010 after the site received a $400,000 security upgrade and fitout.

There are luxury furnishings and furniture throughout, a fully equipped staff lounge, kitchen and commercial-grade laundry.

It has a surveillance system with 11 high-resolution CCTV cameras.

Ron Frank, from Business Brokers Queensland, is handling the sale. He said Deviations was a great buy but there are unique hurdles potential owners must overcome.

"You have to get approval from the Prostitution Licensing Association and it costs $38,600 for the first year of the licence alone," he said.

"It takes three to five months to get approval with police interviews, fingerprinting and a full criminal history check.

"They run your name through every police jurisdiction in the country."

Potential owners must be Australian citizens and they must pay in cash, as banks will not loan money to brothel owners.

Mr Frank said this is a state-wide policy.

"The PLA will only issue a brothel licence to a person," he said.

"In Queensland corporations cannot hold a licence so if the owner defaults the bank cannot take it over and stick a manager in, as they would for other businesses.

"When the business or the owner goes bankrupt the brothel closes."

The PLA licencing process is so strict Mr Frank said he would not take a sale to contract unless he was confident the application would be approved.

"If they are not, they lose their deposit while the business was off the market for up to five months," he said.

Mr Frank said Deviations had reliable revenue and would make sound investment.

"It is a going concern," he said.

"It is a safe place for the ladies to work. The guys who come in are well behaved because they have multiple digital cameras looking at them and there are distress buttons all over place.

"There is no drugs or alcohol allowed."

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