Moon shock: Miner exposed bare bum to children at Maccas

A FATHER-of-two exposed his naked bottom to families and staff at a Central Queensland McDonald's store.

Police were called to Moranbah McDonald's about 9.45pm on July 10 in response to a man causing a disturbance at the restaurant.

Moranbah Magistrates Court heard that the intoxicated man, Jonathan William Fenwick, 43, was making racially discriminatory comments towards a staff member and made negative comments about another staff member's weight.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said Fenwick then bent over and exposed his naked bottom, upsetting children who were at the restaurant and leaving them "shook up".

Fenwick had left the venue when police arrived, but they saw the incident on CCTV footage.

At 10.15pm, police located Fenwick at the BP Roadhouse, in the driver's seat of a Holden Commodore with keys in the ignition, the court heard.

Police told him he was detained for an RBT, but he started to walk away. He told police that as a "white Australian male I demand a blood test".

Sgt Ongheen said Fenwick was arrested for obstruction after he tried to walk away a second time.

He continued to be "highly argumentative" with police at the station and refuse to take part in a breath test.

Solicitor Brooke Winter said his client was involved in a car jacking in Townsville last year, which left him "rattled".

Fenwick, who was single with two children, was a crane driver who had worked in the mining industry for about 15 years, the court heard.

Mr Winter said Fenwick worked hard and didn't drink while he was on roster but made up for it on his days off.

While he said Fenwick was apologetic for his behaviour, he insisted the "trousers coming down" was a result of recent weight loss.

"He dropped a lighter and his trousers came to the ground," Mr Winter said.

Fenwick pleaded guilty at Moranbah Magistrates Court on August 20, to commit public nuisance, fail to provide a specimen of breath and obstruct police officer.

Magistrate Robert walker said Fenwick's actions were "disturbing".

"You expect people to treat you with respect and dignity, but you gave none of that to the workers, police and customers that night.

"It was offensive on a number of levels - racially offensive, personally and derogatorily offensive."

The court heard Fenwick had offences of a generally similar nature in January this year.

Fenwick was fined a total of $1950 and disqualified from driving for six months. The convictions were recorded.