Sky News anchor and Paul Murray LIVE host Paul Murray plans to take his show to more regional areas this year.
Sky News anchor and Paul Murray LIVE host Paul Murray plans to take his show to more regional areas this year. Supplied

More screen time for Paul Murray and the Sky News team

SKY News host and (masthead) columnist Paul Murray can't wait to engage with a wider audience when Foxtel launches its 24-hour news channel on free-to-air WIN TV. 

For the first time, viewers will be able to watch a selection of award-winning Sky News national affairs programming from leading commentators and political insiders including Murray, on free-to-air. 

Sky News on WIN launches on Sunday, September 2 and among the highlights will be a new breakfast program, Headline News. 

"I can't stand the media that think of regional Australia as other. I think of it as the same, as an extension. It's all one country, some people just have bigger backyards," Murray said.

"Mine is a show that can be led by audience feedback. The more people we're exposed to means the show could go in any direction. If there's a burning issue that bubbles up, then I'll go there. The best part about my show is the ability to get out of the studio and go to an area. Now that we're servicing even more areas it means we can take the show to any dot on the map."

The dedicated 24-hour channel will feature select Sky News content including CredlinThe Bolt Report, OutsidersJones + Co, RichoPolitics HQ, SPEERS, Paul Murray LIVE and Kenny on Sunday.

Sky News anchor Peta Credlin.
Sky News anchor Peta Credlin. Supplied

Talent highlighted across the regional channel will include David Speers, Andrew Bolt, Laura Jayes, Kieran Gilbert, Ashleigh Gillon, Peta Credlin and Alan Jones.

While news junkies will still be able to get a dedicated news fix across the Sky News channels on Foxtel the new channel will bring the best TV journalism to the regions free.

Sky News anchor Jaynie Seal will also host the new breakfast program Headline News from 6am to 8.30am, which will be simulcast on Sky News on WIN, WIN's main channel, Sky News Weather and Foxtel Channel 603.

"By the time it gets to air they'll have been working on that show for months," Murray said.

"No disrespect to the choices that are out there, but sometimes all you want to do is know what's going on - not watch a pointless celebrity interview or have someone promising to give you cash. This is about what happened overnight and what do I need to know before I start my day. It's a perfect thing for WIN. There's a no-nonsense nature to the people in regional areas and that's the service they're getting."

Murray is no stranger to regional Australia, having taken his show on the road to broadcast from regional areas for the past three years. He may be coming to a town near you in the coming months.


Paul Murray LIVE comes to the Sunshine Coast.
Paul Murray brought his program to the Sunshine Coast last year. Patrick Woods

"We've had a taste of the regions visiting for elections and events like Beef Week," he said.

"Our plan for launch week is to do the show live from a couple of WIN cities.

"I want to take the show on the road to somewhere affected by the drought, not just to hear the tough stories but also to bring some fun and some of the debate too.

"I want people to really understand that I'm there to tell them what happened today and to give them a bit of laugh but also be their voice back to Canberra."

Sky News on WIN will air on the WIN Network's Channel 53 in northern NSW and Channel 83 across all other WIN areas.

WIN News will also have access to Sky News content that is relevant for its dedicated local news bulletins and weather updates.

Only on Foxtel will viewers be able to access the full suite of Sky News content, including five live 24/7 Sky News channels and the dedicated Fox Sports News channel, also available on the go with the Foxtel app and as part of the news offering on Foxtel's streaming service, Foxtel Now.

Sky News is available as part of the entertainment package. For more information visit



  • Sky News Weather (Every day live at 5am)
  • FOX SPORTS News (Every day at live 5:30am. Rolling coverage all day Saturday. From 5:30am - 8am Sundays)
  • Headline News with Jaynie Seal (Weekdays live at 6am)
  • AM Agenda with Kieran Gilbert (Weekdays live at 8:30am)
  • Live Now (Weekdays live at 10am)
  • All Australian News (Weekdays at 11am)
  • FOX SPORTS News (Every day live at 12pm)
  • SPEERS with David Speers (Monday - Thursday live at 4pm)
  • The Friday Show with Rita Panahi (Fridays live at 4pm)
  • FOX SPORTS News (Monday- Saturday live coverage from 5pm)
  • Credlin with Peta Credlin (Weeknights live at 6pm)
  • The Bolt Report with Andrew Bolt (Weeknights live at 7pm)
  • Outsiders with Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean (Mondays and Thursdays live at 8pm, Sundays live at 9am)
  • Jones & Co with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin (Tuesdays live at 8pm)
  • Richo with Graham Richardson (Wednesdays live at 8pm)
  • Paul Murray LIVE with Paul Murray (Weeknights live at 9pm - 10pm)
  • SPEERS on Sunday with David Speers (Sundays live at 8am)
  • Mundine Means Business (Sundays at 5pm)
  • The Adam Giles Show with Adam Giles (Sundays live at 6pm)
  • Kenny on Sunday with Chris Kenny (Sundays live at 7pm)

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