CFMEU state Secretary Michael Ravbar now faces calls for his ousting.
CFMEU state Secretary Michael Ravbar now faces calls for his ousting.

Qld union boss next in line for punting: LNP

QUEENSLAND CFMEU boss Michael Ravbar should join ­Victorian union heavyweight John Setka in being punted from the Labor Party, Coalition members say.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, differentiating himself from predecessor Bill Shorten, has moved to have Mr Setka ­expelled from the Labor Party after comments he made about domestic violence.

But he stopped short of any criticism of the militant union.

"John Setka does not belong in our party because of the views that he holds," he said.

"I don't want him in the same party that I lead. It's that simple."

It came after Mr Setka reportedly told a union meeting that advocacy by family violence campaigner Rosie Batty had led to men having fewer rights.

He disputes that he made that claim. Labor's national executive yesterday suspended his membership ahead of a meeting on July 5 to discuss expulsion.

Mr Setka has previously called former prime minister Kevin Rudd a "maggot" and tweeted a photo of his young children holding a sign telling the Australian Building and Construction Commission "go get f---ed".

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that there were more unionists who should join Mr Setka in expulsion.

"They can root out one Labor thug in the union movement, but there's plenty more where John Setka came from," he said.

"The CFMEU is one of the most ­litigated against and charged unions in the country."


John Setka is set to be punted from the Labor Party.
John Setka is set to be punted from the Labor Party.


Queensland LNP senator Amanda Stoker said Mr Albanese should look at law-breaking union members.

"If Setka doesn't belong in the Labor Party because of his views on women, I hope the 79 CFMEU members being prosecuted for industrial offences will similarly be unwelcome," she said.

"But we all know union thugs have a happy home in Labor. Michael Ravbar is the perfect example."

Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz said the Opposition Leader should also expel Mr Ravbar due to his breaking of industrial laws.

Mr Ravbar was fined $5000 in April after the Federal Court found he had arranged unlawful blockades against Universal Cranes during its work on the Legacy Way Port Connect project in 2012.

Mr Albanese did not agree that there was a broader issue with the CFMEU.

"If you took all unions out of the construction industry, I believe that would be a very dangerous a thing to do and it is not ­something I advocate," he said.

The CFMEU was contacted for comment.