Jessica Cook said:
Jessica Cook said: "The photo does it no justice! It also affected her arms legs and very badly burnt her face!" Jessica Cook

'This sunscreen needs a recall ASAP, no excuses'

ANOTHER mother is now calling for the Cancer Council Australia's Peppa Pig Kids Sunscreen Range SPF50+ to be recalled after her daughter was "burnt' by the product.

Sydney mother Jessica Cook told Australian Regional Media she strongly believes it should be "off our shelves".

"I am angry they haven't issued an official recall. This sunscreen needs a recall ASAP, no excuses," she said.

Ms Cook said the product "burnt and irritated my little girl's skin so bad she was scratching until it bled".

"The day before it flared it up like that we went to the pools. I put this sunscreen on both my kids - I have a two-and-a-half-year-old and a one-year-old.

"I didn't put much on my one-year-old because I kept her in the shade but my two-year-old was running around in the sun so I reapplied it five to six times. I was scared she was going to get burnt.

"She woke up in the morning with this terrible rash/burn.

"It started on her face and as the day went on it got worse and she started scratching."

Ms Cook said she took her daughter to a doctor who asked her if they'd changed any products lately.

"She said it is not a food like allergy, it is something that she has touched or been on her. Definitely something that has come in contact with her skin.

"My mum was with me and she asked 'could it be the sunscreen?'. And I said 'no, how could a sunscreen do this'?

"I didn't think twice it would be the sunscreen."

Jessica Cook

Ms Cook said it wasn't until her mum told her, a few days later, about the story on Queensland mother Jessie Swan and her three-month-old son who was hospitalised with a "horrible rash/burn" she said was caused by this product, that Ms Cook put "two and two together".

>> Infant hospitalised with rash 'caused' by kids sunscreen

"Reading that woman's post was like reading what happened to my daughter.

"I purposely went out and purchased this product. It was expensive - $23 - but I actually said 'I'm not going to take any chances, I'll get Cancer Council'.

"My partner was with me and he said ' there is no price you can put on protecting our kids'.

"My partner is really, really angry and I feel disgusted when I look at it."        

Ms Cook said she didn't patch test before using this product because she felt she could trust an "Aussie leading brand".

"When you go to grab it from the shelf it doesn't say anything about not suitable for sensitive skin.

"And this business (Cancer Council Australia) is made to protect people. This is unexplainable, this stuff shouldn't be happening.

"Fair enough if one or two people have been affected by this but its now turned to a few dozen.

"I can't believe it hasn't been recalled. They've seen how many people have reported it."

Cancer Council Australia issued an updated statement following the reported reactions to their SPF 50+ Kids sunscreen.

CEO of Cancer Council Australia, Professor Sanchia Aranda said they are investigating the reported reactions and working with two individuals who reported concerns to "determine the specific cause of their reactions".

"We know sunscreen use prevents thousands of skin cancers in Australia each year.

"In some cases, sunscreen can also cause a reaction, depending on a range of factors.

"It's important that people affected are supported and that ongoing monitoring of sunscreens is in place to maximise benefits and minimise any concerns.

"Our sunscreen infoline staff will be able to help respond to individual questions and reactions."

Ms Cook said a Cancer Council Australia representative responded to her post on their Facebook page saying someone will be in contact as soon as possible but she said she is still waiting for that email or phone call.

The Cancer Council Australia Facebook page has recently been swamped with complaints about their Peppa Pig Kids Sunscreen Range SPF50+.

Dee Hall said her daughter was rushed to emergency with burns and swelling despite never actually going outside after using this product.

‎Dan Thomas‎ said: "We thought we were the only one with a bad reaction to this product. Our daughter experienced a similar reaction to the others on this page. There appears to be a significant issue with this product which I think warrants a thorough investigation. The current response is underwhelming to say the least."

Giselle Delosa said: "My three kids (8, 5 and 2) who have never ever ever been burnt ALL got burnt last week after using the Peppa Pig sunscreen. Brand new bottle bought off the website three weeks ago! I applied twice! My daughter said the sunscreen hurt her legs, I thought I just didn't apply properly!!! As soon as I saw the pic of the baby I knew it would be the same!!! What do we do? Return the bottle??"

Kasey Dey | Facebook

Kasey Dey‎ shared this photo of her legs and said: "This is 3 days after applying the Peppa Pig 50plus. Within 20 minutes my skin felt like it was on fire!! I've been on painkillers ever since and am concerned about permanent damage. What is the recommended treatment for the chemical burn? I've been sleeping under wet towels and applying aloe gel. What is the consensus for treatment? I purchased the product in good faith and it ruined my holiday."

In the updated statement, Cancer Council Australia CEO Professor Aranda said most people could use sunscreens without an adverse reaction.

"If you are concerned that you might have a reaction to a new sunscreen, apply some to a small area of skin on the inside of your forearm. If the skin does not react adversely, you should be able to use the sunscreen as directed without concern. This should be adequate assurance in most situations."

Ms Cook said the doctor prescribed a strong cream for skin reactions for her young daughter.

"It's been been a week and it's only just gotten better now."

The Therapeutic Goods Administration, which regulates what products can be safely sold in Australia, has been sought for comment.