ROAD UPGRADE: Cr Tony Williams and Cr Drew Wickerson inspect Upper Ulam Rd after a $270,000 upgrade.
ROAD UPGRADE: Cr Tony Williams and Cr Drew Wickerson inspect Upper Ulam Rd after a $270,000 upgrade.

Motorists enjoy safer drive after $270,000 upgrade

MOTORISTS, both residents and visitors to Bajool. will now have a safer and smoother driving experience thanks to a $270,000 road upgrade.

Rockhampton Regional Council will carry out the works.

Infrastructure spokesperson Councillor Tony Williams said the works on Upper Ulam Road were another example of council’s investment into the rural road network.

“(The) 1.3km of Upper Ulam Road leading to the recreation grounds now has a bitumen seal, so it’s a much nicer drive,” Cr Williams said.

“The reason we focused on this section in particular was because of two bends. The new seal will make them safer and easier to navigate which is fantastic.

“We also widened sections of the road and cleaned out all inlets and outlets to make stormwater drainage easier.”

Cr Williams said this work also linked up to the culverts and floodway work which was done in the last few years near the recreation grounds.

“It might seem like a small project but it will make a big difference to those who travel regularly along this road,” he said.

“That includes residents but also postal workers, the school bus, and emergency services.

“The Rural Fire Brigade has a depot just near where these works have taken place so it’ll make their journeys a little easier too.”

Divisional Councillor Drew Wickerson said he was thrilled to see the new road surface in place.

“It was the local ratepayers association that really pushed for this to happen, and they brought a petition to council about it,” Cr Wickerson said.

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Petition falls short in Rocky Council meeting

“The new entrance to the recreation grounds is so much better now as smooth bitumen rather than loose gravel.

“I’m really pleased we have been able to act on the ideas raised by the community and get this work done.”