Petros Khalesirad promotes National Hoodie Day last week with radio host Michael J Bailey.
Petros Khalesirad promotes National Hoodie Day last week with radio host Michael J Bailey.

MP condemns secret video

ROBERT Schwarten has launched an attack on Rockhampton businessman and Bulletin columnist Petros Khalesirad for video taping a staff member at his office with a hidden camera.

Last week Mr Khalesirad went to the office of Mr Schwarten, the Member for Rockhampton, to get him to wear a hoodie in support of National Hoodie Day.

Mr Schwarten was out of the office at the time, but says a staff member was caught on video from a concealed camera, which was later uploaded online.

In a Letter to the Editor Mr Schwarten described Mr Khalesirad’s actions as “childish nonsense” which breached a worker’s privacy.

“Such a breach of privacy and trust obviously does not worry Mr Khalesirad but, I am sure it’s not the sort of behaviour most readers would see as ethical or decent,” he said.

“I am sure the Bulletin would not condone such actions from its columnist who was obviously using this tactic in connection with his poorly written column and no one I have spoken to believes that filming people going about their lawful daily business without their consent is a proper thing to do.”

Mr Schwarten also said it was incorrect to say he was calling for all hoodies to be banned.

He said he supported the proposal of Rockhampton business Will Cordwell who wants to see magistrates given the discretionary power to confiscate hoodies from those convicted of a crime where they have used the item of clothing to conceal their identity.

Mr Cordwell has been the repeated victim of crime by youths wearing hoodies.

Mr Khalesirad accused Mr Schwarten of being a “serial bully” who personally attacked those who exercised their right to freedom of speech.

He said he was not bothered by what Mr Schwarten wrote about him and what others subsequently thought about what Mr Schwarten had said.

“Fortunately for me, I am the most transparent and connected person in our region and I encourage everyone to visit my website,” Mr Khalesirad said.

“Whether you like or dislike any of the content, leave a comment for everyone to see.”