Reports of a phone poll have upset Member for Dawson George Christensen.
Reports of a phone poll have upset Member for Dawson George Christensen. Stuart Quinn

MP slams 'dirty tricks and lies'

WOULD you change your vote in support of the Member for Dawson George Christensen if he ran as member of another party, such as One Nation or Katter's Australia Party?

That's the question which has the Coalition party member up in arms. Mr Christensen issued a statement on Monday afternoon, taking aim at "dirty tricks and lies" which have begun to surface ahead of any looming federal election.

He pointed to a phone poll supposedly conducted in his electorate over recent days. Dawson extends north from Mackay to the southern bank of Townsville's Ross River.

The poll canvassed whether Mr Christensen would get greater support if he ran as a member of another party. It comes after he appeared alongside One Nation's Pauline Hanson and Katter's Australia Party's Bob Katter on ABC's Q&A panel in Mackay last Monday - and sung a similar tune on a variety of issues, and after the LNP ousted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for Scott Morrison in an unpopular move.

"I will be running at the next election, expected next year, as a proud National and a member of the LNP ... ," Mr Christensen said.

"It has been reported to me by several people that late last week phone polling was conducted in the electorate asking if they would be more likely to vote for me if I was a member of One Nation, Katter's Australia Party or the United Australia Party. This is just mischief; a dirty tricks campaign to make people think that I'm going to leave the government and run with another party."

"Any political campaign should be a clean one based around ideas for the region, rather than being based on lies and personality attacks."