MISSING GUNS: Police are investigating weapon theft at a south Rockhampton property.
MISSING GUNS: Police are investigating weapon theft at a south Rockhampton property. Cade Mooney

Multiple guns and ammo stolen from South Rocky property

UPDATE: Police are still investigating the eight guns stolen from The Range, Rockhampton on Friday, June 14.

The guns and ammo were taken from a locked safe after thieves located the key while ransacking the property.

Investigations are continuing.

EARLIER: EIGHT guns stolen from a Rockhampton home on Friday are still missing.

Police today confirmed the owner returned home on Friday to find the The Range house ransacked with jewellery, handbags, sentimental items, the eight firearms and ammunition among the stolen items.

The owner took to Facebook to plead for community assistance.

"I'm putting this out there in the hope that someone, anyone has any information,” she wrote.

She said the Blackall Street property was broken into between 9am and 2pm.

"I (have) been very upset,” she wrote.

The registered weapons were stolen from a gun safe on the property, according to the post.

Members from across the community were horrified to learn about the weapon theft.

"Scary now they are cruising around with guns,” Vanessa Lewis wrote.

Debbie Thompson said "Hope they are found. Scary what is happening in this town”.

"As if Rocky didn't have enough crime, now we have to be careful of hooligans with guns, no one is safe, hope they capture the lowlife soon,” Shannen Togo said.

Others have called for tougher security of weapon storage.

"Maybe time to improve on the gun safes. They don't seem to be doing their job,” Carmen Jenkinson said.

Significant amounts of jewellery were also stolen including a wedding ring, eternity ring, engagement ring, bracelets and a locket.

"A locket which has a picture of my son as a baby and a tooth mark on it also has my initials,” she wrote.

A child's piggy bank was among the items taken.

Rockhampton police said today that investigations into the break-in and the stolen guns were continuing.

More to follow.