Mum does burnout in front of police

A mother of two infants did a burnout through an intersection in front of police because she had been “in a bad place”.

Nikki Therese Spence, 27, pleaded guilty on May 5 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of making undue noise or smoke.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Welch said police were patrolling when they witnessed a red Holden sedan on William St turn right onto Murray St and lost traction, causing the wheels to smoke.

She said police then intercepted the vehicle which Spence was driving with her one and three-year-old children in the back seat.

Senior Constable Welch said Spence told police she was “being stupid”.

Spence told the court she had been in a bad place until recently.

She said she worked full-time as an apprentice hairdresser, was not receiving child support and her children were in childcare.

Spence was fined $300 and a traffic conviction was recorded.