Mum terrified after daughter's drunken rampage

A WOMAN has been charged after she smashed her way through her mum's house in a drunken rage last month.

The 24-year-old Cherbourg woman faced Murgon Magistrates Court on one charge of breaching a domestic violence order, one charge of wilful damage as a domestic violence offence, and one charge of failing to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said police attended a Cherbourg home at 3pm on September 8 in relation to the matter.

"The aggrieved in this matter is the defendant's mother," Sgt Stevens said.

"As the officers were escorting the defendant to the police car, the defendant was yelling at the aggrieved, comments like, 'I'm going to kill you, you're a f------ b----, and you're a c---'.

"The defendant continued to use obscenities at the aggrieved, and the aggrieved said she was very scared and upset at the obscenities the defendant was yelling at her."

Sgt Stevens said police then walked inside to inspect the house.

"The aggrieved showed officers damage to the oven door, which the defendant had smashed with an unknown object, and glass was strewn all over the kitchen," he said.

"Police were also shown a hole in the front door caused by the defendant pushing on it.

"The aggrieved said that some sort of alcohol treatment would assist because she attributes this behaviour to alcohol."

Defence lawyer Tim Campion said his client had been drinking that day.

"But she doesn't drink a lot, just now and then," he said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink warned the defendant that if she continued to act in this way, she'd be returning to court.

"It seems alcohol is a factor, and if it is, there are lots of places that can help you if you need help," she said.

"Because if you don't do something about it and alcohol results in this sort of offending, you are just going to be back before the court again and again.

"You've got a two-year-old son, he shouldn't be exposed to this kind of thing," Magistrate Pink said.

"If you need help, you should make sure you get it."

For failing to appear in court on October 2, the 24-year-old woman was fined $200.

For the two charges of breaching the domestic violence order and wilful damage as a domestic violence offence, she was fined $500.

The aggrieved did not seek restitution and the convictions were not recorded.