Shanowah Wyatt, baby Olivia, and Kanga Bins general manager Tiffany Lim celebrate what has been a successful venture for #TeamCooper.
Shanowah Wyatt, baby Olivia, and Kanga Bins general manager Tiffany Lim celebrate what has been a successful venture for #TeamCooper. Jann Houley

Mum turns trash into thousands for young son

ROCKHAMPTON mum Shanowah Wyatt has turned trash into more than $7500 cash.

And she has the Containers for Change recycling scheme at Kanga Bins to thank.

Since the scheme was launched last November, Shanowah has been regularly taking in all of her cans.

But the monetary returns are not going back into her pocket.

"We're fundraising for my 5-year-old son, Cooper, who has cerebral palsy," Shanowah said yesterday.

"Cooper relies on me and his dad to do all of the lifting to get him in and out of the car.

"As he gets older it's going to be more and more difficult for us to do that, so we are raising money to purchase a vehicle that can have modifications done through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

"That is going to cost us $40,000 for a new car as it's something that we can't buy on loan, we have to own it to get the modifications done."



A community has rallied behind young Cooper.
A community has rallied behind young Cooper. Contributed

After hearing about the #TeamCooper fundraising effort, local businesses have rallied behind Shanowah and Cooper's dad, Jacob Milner.

"The Park Avenue Hotel, FG Mechanical, DC Motors, iAssist Rockhampton and Mount Archer State School have been giving us their used bottles and cans and that has taken our fundraising tally up to $25,000 so we've got $15,000 to go," Shanowah said.

The doting mum, whose parents have also been actively involved in the fundraising effort, said once she'd reached her goal she would like to help others.

"We want to continue raising money using the hashtag 'ContainersForChangingLives' because that's literally what it's doing - using rubbish to change people's lives.

"Cooper goes to the South Rocky Special School and every afternoon when I pick him up, there are about six or seven wheelchair maxi-taxis picking up children, including senior children, because their families can't lift them in and out of vehicles anymore.

"So that's just to and from school. What do they do on weekends if they want to go to the beach or go and do something?"

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Kanga Bins Rockhampton general manager Tiffany Lim said every time Shanowah took cans into their Leichhardt Street facility, the faces of staffers "lit up."

"There are quite a few people who come in and donate their returns to charity," she said.

"It's amazing."

People can donate to #TeamCooper at Kanga Bins' facilities by using Cooper's scheme identification number - C10025893.