‘My promise is to listen, advise and advocate’

AFTER 28 years with the State Government, Noeleen Horan has thrown her hat in the ring to represent the people of Rockhampton’s Division 7, as councillor in the forthcoming election on Saturday, March 28.

Given the opportunity to represent, Ms Horan said she would commit to the position full time, with no business obligations, political investments or motivators to distract her playing an integral role in the community.

“The role of Councillor is to represent the people, so if I must have a platform it will be you, the people of Division 7,” she said.

“If elected, one of my ongoing priorities will be to engage on a regular basis … I am not afraid to go out on a limb and ask the tough questions, nor would I hesitate to speak up when others aren’t able to. “My continued involvement with the State Government’s AOD Rehabilitation Centre demonstrates my willingness to engage and challenge.”

Noeleen has lived in Rockhampton since 1991.

As a mother to her young son, and stepmother to two older stepdaughters, she wants to set a good example for her children and highlight the importance of connecting and playing a positive role in the community we live in.

“My promise is to listen, advise and advocate across all divisions of the district,” Ms Horan said.

“I work in Division 6, our son attends school in Division 1 and we live in Division 7 … I truly believe that by adopting diverse ways of thinking, it will deliver a true understanding of the bigger picture for all.”

The platform and issues Ms Horan will focus on will be prioritised by listening to the community’s needs and concerns.

Immediate issues raised include rectifying footpaths, parks, rubbish, accessibility, crime, and youth associated issues at a local level.

Ms Horan strongly believes in a sustainable future for the next generation, and making programs, events and facilities available to younger community members here at home.

And while these issues are common across most, if not all divisions, towns and cities, community engagement will be Ms Horan’s highest priority with the vision to promote inclusivity and foster genuine excitement about local government.

Ms Horan believes that close to three decades with State Government has prepared her for the role of councillor.

She relishes the opportunity for a new challenge closer to the ­community where she will ­enthusiastically demonstrate courage, fairness and passion every time.