Cr Neil Fisher signing the petition
Cr Neil Fisher signing the petition JACK EVANS

MY SAY: Pitch in and sign petition

YESTERDAY was one of those days where it just didn't stop from start to finish.

Actually every day in the newsroom is like that, but yesterday every time we turned around there seemed to be something else going on.

Our court reporter, Kerri-Anne is on leave this week, political reporter Leighton has jetted off to Scotland with his lady love to drink whiskey and indulge in his love of death metal, there were a few well-deserved rostered days off and Frazer Pearce was at an editor's conference in Brisbane.

Don't you love those kinds of days?

There's something really nice though when everyone just pitches in and the sense of "team” is heightened.

So, when there's another evacuation at Stockland (page 5), a certain photo just doesn't work on the page, the phones never stop and a staff member threatens to wear blue to work tomorrow, it's all ok.

Everyone just does what we need to do and you get your paper to go with your morning coffee.

That's what I love most about working here at the Bully, it's a great team and there's no such thing as "can't do”.

So speaking of doing, every single one of us today needs to jump online and sign the petition launched today (pages 6-7) to give a solid, long-term viable focus on regional Queensland.

As Mayor Margaret Strelow says, we have so many solutions in the regions to the increasing problems in the congested southeast, but we need a proper policy framework in order for the regions to grow and thrive.


Christine McKee, Deputy Editor