'On my way to a brothel', drunk driver tells police

A MAN who was pulled over by police told police he was "on his way to a brothel" before returning a high range drink driving result.

Police will allege that at 10.25pm on Thursday night they were performing traffic duties at the scene of a fatal car crash.

Richmond Police District Senior Constable David Henderson said 24-year-old Woodburn man turned into a closed lane and slowly drove towards a police officer directing traffic.

"Police spoke to the driver... who appeared to be seriously intoxicated," he said.

"The 24-year-old asked police to let him go as he was 'on his way to a brothel'.

"He failed a roadside breath test and was taken to Lismore Police Station where he recorded a high range reading.

"It is not alleged in any way that this driver was involved in the fatal accident."

The man's P1 licence was immediately suspended and he will appear in court in July to face a high range drink driving charge.