DRUNKEN ASSAULT: The Allora victim said she considering moving after the attack.
DRUNKEN ASSAULT: The Allora victim said she considering moving after the attack.

Drunk naked teen's horrific sex attack on elderly woman

A TEENAGER who sexually assaulted and threatened to kill a 67-year-old Allora woman in her own home has avoided jail for the "inexcusable" act.

Ricky Scott Woods went on an alcohol-fuelled rampage on his 18th birthday, forcing his way into multiple houses and terrorising two unsuspecting elderly residents in April last year. He pleaded guilty in the Warwick District Court to two counts of aggravated burglary and one of sexual assault.

Crown Prosecutor Stephen Muir said Woods broke into a 72-year-old man's house first, threatening to call police on the homeowner, before moving on to a 67-year-old woman's home.

Inside the woman's house, a naked Woods tried to kiss her and when she fought back, the situation turned more sinister.

"The complainant rolled out of bed on to the floor and curled into a ball to stop the defendant from touching her," Mr Muir said.

"The defendant then continued to grab the complainant and push her.

"He took off his shorts and continued to struggle while he was naked."

When the woman screamed for help, the teen threatened to kill her and choked her, leaving the woman's face covered with bruises.

In a victim statement submitted to the court, the woman said she was traumatised from the event, and had even considered moving.

"She would sleep on the floor beside the front door so that she would be prepared were anything to happen," the statement read. "She considered leaving her home, she upgraded security doors … and expressed a concern about other people experiencing the same sort of thing."

While the events had left both residents scarred, the boozed-up Toowoomba teen couldn't even remember the next morning, according to defence counsel David Jones.

"It certainly is the case that while serious, inexcusable, it is inexplicably related to intoxication," Mr Jones said.

"His conduct was bizarre. He broke into the first man's house and cried out for police, which makes no sense whatsoever. All he would say is that he's sorry, he wished he didn't do it and that he can't remember doing it."

"When the statement of facts was read to him, he said 'I can't remember anything'."

Judge Nathan Jarro said he took into account Woods' lack of prior offending.

He sentenced Woods to five-and-a-half years, which was suspended immediately for three years.

"Imagine if you were in their situation and had a drunken fool break into your home at night - a place where you're supposed to feel safe and secure," Judge Jarro said.

"It seems as though on your time on remand, you have used your time wisely … and also the fact, impressively too, that you have maintained employment for a period of time. I think that's positive and works in your favour."