CHARGED: A 19-year-old defendant faced Roma District Court on Tuesday on two charges.
CHARGED: A 19-year-old defendant faced Roma District Court on Tuesday on two charges.

NAMED AND SHAMED: Roma thug, 19 punched woman unconscious

A ROMA teenager who punched his girlfriend unconscious has been told by the Judge his actions were "brutal" and "cowardly."

Having already spent 125 days in custody, Brendan Wortley, 19, fronted Roma District Court on Tuesday, facing two charges including common assault in a public place and assault occasionally bodily harm while adversely affected by an intoxicating substance.

Prosecutor Michael Gawyrch told the court on June 14, Wortley and his girlfriend, 30, got into an argument while in a Roma carpark.

The court heard he then grabbed her by the throat and she fell to the ground.

Wortley then punched her in the face and her head fell back, hitting the concrete ground of the car park, making her fall unconscious.

The court heard she woke up a little later, with a bystander calling police and then being transported to hospital.

After being reviewed by medical staff at Roma Hospital, it was found that her injuries included an abrasion and swollen toes on the right foot, haematoma on the back of her head, and tenderness to the jaw.

The defendant's lawyer told the court that the defendant had no prior criminal history and despite no employment history had prospects of becoming a concreter.

The defendant pleaded guilty to both charges

"I'm hoping this sentence I'm imposing will encourage you to stay on a path that will not bring you before the court again," Judge William Everson said.

"I need a deterrent that shows unwanted violence towards intimate partners is not on.

"What you did was brutal and cowardly."

Judge Everson sentenced Wortley to 12 months imprisonment for the assault occasionally bodily harm and three months for the common assault while in a public place to be served concurrently.

He was issued an immediate parole date.

The defendant was also sentenced to 40 hours of community service, which he has 12 months to complete.

"I really urge you to see the error of your ways, get a job and settle down," Judge Everson said.

*For 24-hour domestic violence support  call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or  MensLine on 1800 600 636.