The location of the new private barge ramp on Thompsons Point Rd to be used for transporting cattle.
The location of the new private barge ramp on Thompsons Point Rd to be used for transporting cattle.

New barge ramp to be built for cattle transport to island

A NEW barge ramp on the Fitzroy River is to be built for cattle to be transported to and from Casuarina Island.

The Department of Main Roads and Transport also has plans to construct a new two-lane public boat ramp with a floating walkway at the end of Thompsons Point Rd.

The new ramp would be located upstream of the existing ramp which is used by a local cattle grazier and the public for recreation.

As the new public boat ramp is built, the existing one is to be removed, and due to public safety, cattle will not be able to use the new public boat ramp.

The graziers, the Geddes family, has been using the previous ramp for years to transfer cattle to and from grazing lots on the large Fitzroy River island - a critical aspect of their agricultural business.

TMR is assisting the Geddes family with the development approval process and construction of the ramp and the family will retain ownership of the barge ramp and will be responsible for the maintenance.

TMR has worked with the family to construct a new barge ramp downstream of their property.

The new barge ramp would be located at the southern extent of Thompson Point Rd, 1500m west of the existing one.

The heavily detailed development application stated TMR looked at six potential sites for the new barge ramp, taking into account marine plant and fish habit disturbance, protection from current, waterway profile, space from new public boat ramp, space for truck movements and any public safety issues.

The new proposed barge ramp location will be privately accessible only by the Geddes using internal farm roads.

The proposed barge ramp will be an earthen ramp, similar in design and simplicity to the existing ramp, and has been designed for the docking of the barge and the safe movement of cattle.

The ramp footprint will be approximately 57 metres in length, with a width of approximately 9m, and is expected to take three to six weeks to construct.

The application is now under assessment with Livingstone Shire Council planning officers.